Human Resources consulting

We provide guidance to our clients towards organizational efficiency through people

Our clients will gain state-of-the-art knowledge in human capital management, together with proven experience in the field. In order to obtain these sharp skills, we will enter them into “Real-World Companies. This stamp adds value to our customers, on the basis of following services:

Structure and compensation processes (Remuneration and Benefits):

Wage policy. Includes the management of all the compensations (salaries and benefits) and non-economic remunerations concepts with which the organization meets his collaborators, in consideration for the contribution to the aims of the organization, which is expressed in the performance of his job.

Our collaboration will achieve:

  • Design of salary structures and benefits.
  • Design of Variable compensation processes linked to salary review processes, performance evaluation, change of level, technical career, etc


Flexible remuneration plan

As part of the compensation models and processes, we cooperate in the design of flexible payment, models drawn to establish a framework through which the employee will be granted flexible monetary remunerations allowing them to recruit certain products whose tax legality provides significant economic benefits. Also, we offer the means to automate and deploy this process in the company’s structure.

Organizational form

An adequate design of the organizational structure will result in an efficient execution and coordination of the tasks leading to the strategic objectives. That is why we collaborate integrally in the designing of a model that facilitates the structuring of processes and activities of individuals and groups within the company. As a related work, we offer the Jobs Detailed Description, which is the setting of each activities’ definition, setting of their functions and the responsibilities that a company assigns to the occupant of a position, and which together form the framework, inside of which, the occupant must develop and obtain the expected results.

    Design of models and processes to evaluate performance and efficiency

    Performance evaluation is a technique or procedure with a view drawn to appraising, in the most systematic and objective manner, the performance of an organization’s employees.

    In this field we collaborate in the following aspects:

    • Determining the performance through the definition of guidelines or standards consistent with the strategy and objectives of the organization.
    • Communicating and aligning these expectations with employees to achieve their acceptance and full commitment.
    • Supporting the performance evaluation process by contrasting performance guidelines and objectives with the final outcome, communication and acceptance of the employee, and developing performance improvement plans.
    • Providing a computer system that automates the performance and efficiency process and integrates it with the rest of the human resources processes.

    Designing the competency models and the organizational developmental process

    Competencies are personal qualifications (skills, knowledge and attitudes) which are demonstrated through the worker’s behavior and which make the difference between normal performance and a performance that actually excels in the job.

    Our cooperation in this area carries the mission of:

    • Designing the model and development of the dictionary of competences.
    • Determining the competency profile of the type positions.
    • Designing and implementing the competency assessment process.
    • Designing the model and process for individual development.

    Talent management

    We aim to achieve a perfect fit between the profiles for each of the positions, and the actual needs of the organization. This involves definition of proper performance standards for these profiles, assessing and developing skills or talents. Talent is synonymous with a combination of aptitude, ability, skills and suitability.

    Our collaboration will achieve:

    • Designing and managing of the promotion and career policies, which articulate the processes through which people progress both in their contribution, as well as in the recognition of its organizational importance.
    • Designing and managing training policies, drawn to guaranteeing the individual and collective learning pathway, necessary to achieving organizational goals, in this way developing skills through tailored developmental plans, workshops, self-learning resources, etc.
    • Automatization of an integrated model and process for talent management

    Human Resources external management

    We provide expert and close support for client companies that do not have a People Management area or who need to anticipate and resolve contingencies related to legal aspects related to work, compensation structure and calculation of remunerations, union relations and collective bargaining.

    We provide expert support and close to the companies-customers who do not have an area of Management of people or that require anticipate and resolve contingencies legal aspects related to labor, compensation structure and calculation of remuneration, trade union relations and collective bargaining.

    The service model considers:

    • A senior consultant, in charge of the coordination between the professionals work with different specialties, allowing them to get response to their requirements promptly and forcefully.
    • Predict conflicts and / or execute actions to solve them in an appropriate way.
    • Bring your company proper knowledge and modern people management tools.
    • Convenient and adequate rate to your vision and organizational reality.

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    At WISEPLAN we are close and reliable consultants

    At WISEPLAN we are close and reliable consultants

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